IT isn’t just boys‘ business

Girls an technology don’t go well together? We think it’s quite the opposite: They go together very well!

This year, my employer is participating in the 15th annual „Girls’Day“. Our goal is to show girls some possible career paths, that they – thanks to prevailing gender roles and stereotypes – might have not considered yet. By doing so, we want to encourage girls to broaden their horizon, try something new and enhance existing interests!

We will provide an insight into the interaction between software and hardware. and explain what computers are made of and how they work. Using simple, age-based examples, we will guide them through programming a small software project and eventually we have some hands-on training in operating „robots“, using our computer controlled quadcopters.

Our Girls‘Day registration page is available here. A list of all other participating companies is available at the Girls’Day-Radar.

Oh, by the way: This offer isn’t only for girls! There is a similar campaign going on to show boys possible carreer paths as well:

[Note: This blog post was originally published by me, in german language, on my employers blog.

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