Fixing bad radio reception on a Jaguar X-Type Estate

For quite a while now, the radio reception in my car has been pretty bad. Since a few days now, it has completely goe: The reception was next to nothing…

When i started googling for that problem, i noticed this is quite a common problem with X-Type Estates from 2004-2009. I checked the cabling and the fuses to rule out any electricity problems, which left me with the conclusion that my antenna base (to be correct: The build in pre-amplifier) has gone bad. Most sources ended up recommending just replacing the Antenna base, which costs around 50 Euros.

So i decided to see if i can just fix it myself! First, i needed to remove the antenna base. Carefully remove the rooflining to reach the interior of the base. Remove the counter nut, disconnect the wires, and carefully lift off the antenna base.



At the bottom side of the base, you will see 2 screws. If you remove them, you can just pull out the pre-amplifier. In my case, the soldering joints to the actual antenna adapter came off.



Taking my trusty soldering iron, i just soldered the broken joints back together. Just to be safe, i also checked all the other soldering joints as well, but they seemed to be just fine. Putting everything back together to see if it works, and: Good as new!



It took me around 45 minutes to remove the base, fix it and put it back in. And it also saved me some 50 bucks (in which case i woud still had to replace the base). Since this seems to be a pretty common problem with the Estate X-Type, maybe this instruction can help out other Jag drivers as well… 🙂